Artists Profile

After completing her studies at Harrow School of Art & Design (Studio Pottery) French born Catrine Ballié went on to make inlayed, burnished ceramic sculptures, exhibited both in England and abroad. In 2000 the Taipei County Yingge Ceramics Museum bought her work for their permanent collection.

More recently she has been working directly in stone, finding the carving process exhilarating and rewarding.

Never abandoning either mediums Ballié is now incorpating other materials within her sculptures.

She works in her Bethnal Green studio in the East End of London.



My ceramic sculptures are individual slab-built pieces mostly taking their inspiration from the human figure. These are often composite pieces fitting into each other and balancing on themselves. I enjoy the challenge of equilibrium permitting the pieces to become one and yet retain their individuality.

The burnishing of their surfaces offers a sensual appeal to the touch and the eye.

The direct paring down of the stone to reveal what lies within is an exciting process and in its finish state offers the same sensual appeal as in the clay pieces.

I enjoy juxtaposing shapes, forms, materials and texture and this attraction to contrast within a sculpture is being developed by using materials such as metal, plastic, threads…